Has Spring Really Sprung?!

Even though it was a gloomy weekend, we heard thunder late on Saturday night in this area of west central Minnesota. It's a pretty good sign that winter is really done this time! We had the same thought just before St. Patrick's Day and shortly after got hit with another dose of the white stuff but this seems like the real thing.
I'm not sure if hearing thunder at 12:45AM after working on taxes all night is necessarily a good sign, but we'll soon find out!
Driving to Kansas City over the weekend for the Cabela's Trophy Properties annual conference, we saw lots of water but didn't see any field activity until we were south of Omaha. The guys around this area are saying it will be a couple of weeks.
We have a sealed bid auction on some land in Swift County wrapping up this weekend. Final bid raising is Saturday. Check out the details if you're looking for a nice country home, some hunting land or to expand your operation in that area. Call or email if you have questions.
Also - if you have land you're interested in selling, contact us. We can discuss whether an auction is right for your property, or if a tradtional listing would be the best for you.
Here's to spring! And happy TAX DAY!

This is more like it!

This is more like it!
A beautiful Easter Sunday in our area of west-central Minnesota. We hope you had the same. And the sunny Monday was nice for a change after those damp, dreary days recently. So far, however, two meteorologists have mentioned what we gently call the "S-word" for this week.
You guessed it --- SNOW!?
The Harrison Company "Sells Farms" and we'd love to go to work to help you sell yours! If you're thinking about selling your cropland this spring or summer, give us a call so we can talk about how The Harrison Company can reach the most qualified buyers, resulting in the best price for your farm.
When it comes to "land for sale" in Minnesota - your first call should be to The Harrison Company!
Here's to spring! And thanks for visiting our website. Contact us if you have any questions.