Another weird weather weekend here in western Minnesota!
Funnel clouds south of us, rain in Benson. But wheels are turning again and at least we're not shoveling like they are on the east coast!
Bill and Kay are still sorting through and putting to use all the good information we gathered in Omaha recently at Cabela's Trophy Properties annual meeting. With CTP land brokers from all over the country we always we meet lots of great land people and learn lots of new things. CTP works closely with the Realtor Land Institute, or RLI, the branch of the National Association of REALTORS for those who work in land sales rather than residential sales. We're longtime members of RLI and its association with CTP is a natural.
Cabela's has also worked hard on associations with Land and Farm and with Lands of America which are huge websites for marketing land. Those associations mean that the properties we put on the Cabela's Trophy Property website populates those two and over 600 other websites. As we discussed in Omaha, the vast majority of buyers nowadays have researched properties on line before looking at them so having your property on that many websites is a huge advantage!   
We're happy to see interest in recreational land again. We're working on closing four recreational land sales. One will actually be put back into cropland after the sale. The demand for recreational land had become pretty slow for awhile as people waited out the economy. If interest in that type of land is any indication, the economy seems to be warming up a bit. Just in time for spring!
We're also closing a sale of 1,779-acres of  crop land in the Red River Valley. We didn't have it listed but we negotiated the successful sale for an area buyer.
 If you have recreational land that you've been thinking about selling, the timing might be right. Now or later in the spring or summer, we'd be happy to talk to you about how we can help you sell it. If you are interested in buying or selling farm land, the market is still red hot. We'd be happy to assist you.
As always,  if you have questions about any of the properties on our website, or if you're interested in talking about selling your land, give us a call!
Happy spring!