About Us
For over 30 years, with only a few exceptions, The Harrison Company has worked exclusively in farms, farm land, hunting farms and recreational land. So we decided to use “We Sell Farms” in our marketing to summarize what we do. We are dedicated to helping our clients buy and sell farmland and hunting land all over Minnesota.
We've been a regular at FarmFest and shows like the Minnesota Deer Classic, the St. Cloud Sportsmen's Show, the Willmar Farm Show and the Alexandria Farm Show, where we display the properties we have for sale. Our direct mail campaigns target potential buyers in specific areas where we have land for sale or where a buyer we're working with is looking for land. We also use publications like "The Land," "Outdoor News," local newspaper and local and statewide radio like the Linder Farm Network to promote our properties and our services. Bill has been in farm real estate for a long time and when you're making the big decision to buy or sell land, experience counts! He's developed great relationships with buyers, sellers and other land professionals over the years. That's all part of the winning forumla for finding the best buyer for your property, or the perfect property for you when you're looking to buy land.
We would be happy to talk to you about conventional sales, auctions, sealed bid auctions and 1031 tax deferred exchanges and which option would be best when you decide to sell  your property.
Contact us when you'd like us to go to work for you.